Forward of the Year
Brandon Zelaya, Priory

Midfielder of the Year
Liam Johnson, Sacred Heart Prep

Defender of the Year
Alex Moretti, Sacred Heart Prep

Goalkeeper of the Year
Cooper Allen, The King's Academy


1st Team

2nd Team

Honorable Mention
Jared Anderson, Harker
Zach Aguinaga, The King's Academy
Kevin Box, Sacred Heart Prep
Andrew Cheplyansky, Harker
Tommy Hogan, Sacred Heart Prep
Ben Lasky, Menlo
Connor Nelson, Menlo
Jaime Ramirez, Eastside College Prep
Alexi Stravropoulos, Sacred Heart Prep
Ben Veghte, Priory
Ethan Veghte, Sacred Heart Prep
Max Zieger, Crystal Springs Uplands
Jacob Anderson, Sacred Heart Prep
Cristian Cisneros, Eastside College Prep
Max Colowick, Menlo
Will Crocker, Crystal Springs Uplands
Chase Dolinko, Sacred Heart Prep
Jonathan Ebrahimian, Menlo
Kyle Nilsson, Sacred Heart Prep
Trevor Perez, Menlo
Caleb Pethel, The King's Academy
Caleb Pollack, Priory
Sasvath Ramachandran, Harker
Edwin Su, Harker
Matthew Barber, Priory
Marco Brougher, Priory
Christian Corcoran, Menlo
Luca Espinosa, Menlo
Jeffrey Fung, Harker
Dylan Glenn, The King's Academy
John Huskins, Crystal Springs Uplands
Brandon Lin, Harker
Carlos Nunez, Eastside College Prep
Lukas Sage, The King's Academy
Xander Stabile, Menlo
Brian Tinsley, Sacred Heart Prep