The West Bay Athletic League was established in 2002 and is currently comprised of the following private schools: Castilleja, Crystal Springs Uplands, Eastside College Prep, Harker, Menlo, Mercy Burlingame, Notre Dame Belmont, Notre Dame San Jose, Pinewood, Priory, Sacred Heart Prep, and The King's Academy.

The WBAL was originally formed during a realignment period when the Private School Athletic League was getting too large. The WBAL sought schools that were geographically desirable, with consistent philosophies for athletics and academics, with similar sport offerings and athletically competitive. The new structure of the WBAL is very exciting and we have expanded our league to a co-ed league with two divisions.


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We, the West Bay Athletic League believe black lives matter, we stand with you and we support you.
We understand that we must do better and be better.
We are committed to taking actions needed to make real change in our country. We encourage uncomfortable and challenging conversations about white privilege and educating others on racial injustices black people endure.
We will work with courage, strength and deep conviction for our Black community because we believe that black lives matter.




***Results and Standings are updated as results are received***

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    Congratulations to 2021-22 WBAL Spring Sports League Champions
  • Boys Golf: Crystal Springs Uplands
  • Lacrosse Foothill Division: Saint Ignatius
  • Lacrosse Skyline Division: Woodside
  • Lacrosse Alpine Division: Hillsdale
  • Softball: Notre Dame Belmont
  • Boys Swimming: TBD
  • Girls Swimming: TBD
  • Boys Tennis: Menlo
  • Boys Track & Field: Menlo
  • Girls Track & Field: Sacred Heart Prep
    Congratulations to 2021-22 WBAL Winter Sports League Champions
  • Boys Basketball: Sacred Heart Prep
  • Girls Basketball Foothill Division: Pinewood
  • Girls Basketball Skyline Division: Harker
  • Boys Soccer: Menlo
  • Girls Soccer Foothill Division: Notre Dame Belmont
  • Girls Soccer Skyline Division: Harker
    Congratulations to 2021 WBAL Fall Sports League Champions
  • Boys Cross Country: Menlo
  • Girls Cross Country: Castilleja
  • Girls Golf: Castilleja and Harker
  • Girls Tennis Foothill Division: Harker
  • Girls Tennis Skyline Division: Nueva
  • Volleyball Foothill Division: Menlo
  • Volleyball Skyline Division: Castilleja
    Monday, August 9, 2021
  • New schedules have been posted: Boys Golf, Softball, Boys Tennis
    Sunday, July 4, 2021
  • New schedules have been posted: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Lacrosse
    Thursday, July 1, 2021
  • New schedules have been posted: Cross Country, Girls Golf, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis, Volleyball