Most Valuable Player
Ashley Dean, Notre Dame Belmont

Pitcher of the Year
Hailey Armstrong, Mercy Burlingame


1st Team

2nd Team

Honorable Mention
Izzy Bojorquez-Emmons, Mercy Burlingame
Karla Cid, Pinewood
Maddie Etheridge, Crystal Springs Uplands
Ryan Galea, Mercy Burlingame
Karla Joachin-Alvarez, Mercy Burlingame
Taylor Lam, Harker
Megan Lettow, Notre Dame San Jose
Ellery Mitchell, Pinewood
Ariana Montiel, Mercy Burlingame
Brigid O'Connor, The King's Academy
Isabella Parks, Notre Dame Belmont
Natalie Ruffner, Mercy San Francisco
Megan Sarhatt, Notre Dame Belmont
Elise Wilkinson, The King's Academy
Kenzie Yamakoshi, The King's Academy
Cameron Zell, Harker
Bella Alterio, Mercy Burlingame
Ashton Bear, Crystal Springs Uplands
Trinity Copeland, Pinewood
Sarah French, The King's Academy
Hannah Johnson, Pinewood
Abby Kong, The King's Academy
Natalie Leonard, Crystal Springs Uplands
Jessica Mayder, Notre Dame San Jose
Carlee Miller, Notre Dame Belmont
Molly Mobley, Harker
Raegan Ortega, Mercy San Francisco
Anika Rajumani, Harker
Riley Rodriguez, Mercy Burlingame
Alyssa Sarinana, Notre Dame San Jose
Noosha Steward, Notre Dame Belmont

Sophia Dinelli, Notre Dame Belmont
Hailey Fanucch, The King's Academy
Shwetha Karthik, Pinewood
Jordan Larratt, Mercy Burlingame
Meghna Mahesh, Crystal Springs Uplands
Prescious Rios, Mercy San Francisco
Isabell Solario, Notre Dame San Jose
Natasha Yen, Harker